Category: Trust and Brokerage License

List of Regulated Entities (Trust and Brokerage License)

Name of Entity License No. Date of Incorporation Status Swift Code Website Other
Moheli Corporate Services Ltd T19990001 06/01/1999 Suspended
Mwali Trustees Ltd T19990002 06/01/1999 Active
Intertrust Corporation T20000003 15/05/2000 Active
Trust of America Inc. T20050005 21/06/2005 Active
Virgin Trust Ltd T20060006 25/10/2006 Active
GBH Private Trust Ltd T20090013 30/06/2009 Active
GBH Private Trustees Ltd T20090014 30/06/2009 Active
Xanda Trust Company Ltd T20090015 21/10/2009 Active
Offshore Trust Management Ltd T20100016 03/03/2010 Active
Offshore Trust Secretaries Ltd T20100018 03/03/2010 Active
Asset Protection Trustees SA T20100020 01/04/2010 Active
HJD Trust Ltd T20100022 01/04/2010 Active
Delta Corporate Secretary SA T20100025 01/04/2010 Active
DDF Equity Trust SA T20100026 01/04/2010 Active
Millenium Subscribers Trust SA T20100027 01/04/2010 Active
Islamic Trust Ltd T20100030 01/04/2010 Active
Capital Trust International Corp T20100032 05/04/2010 Active
Samarian Trust Ltd T20100033 24/05/2010 Active
Cash Reform Fidelity Trust Ltd T20100034 21/07/2010 Active
21st Century Trust Ltd T20100036 12/08/2010 Active
Trust Company (One) Ltd T20110044 15/09/2011 Active
Acord Fidelity Trust Ltd T20120050 16/03/2012 Active
First Electronic Commerce T20120072 19/05/2012 Active
Trust & Trust Inc. T2016017 01/11/2016 Active
Solidity Trust Ltd T2017019 18/04/2017 Active
FGH Ltd T2018034 01/05/2018 Active
Trust Asset Corporation T2018036 04/09/2018 Active
Revollet International Limited T2018038 14/09/2018 Active
Gold Standard Ltd T2018041 23/11/2018 Active
TrustMen Corp. T2019049 11/02/2019 Active
Aegis Trust Limited T2019054 09/07/2019 Active
Finfortune International Limited T2020011 17/02/2020 Active
One Investment Trust Plc T2020019 27/03/2020 Active
United Axes LTD T2020023 10/11/2020 Active
Yield Asset Management Limited T2020029 27/11/2020 Active
WL Limited T2021035 08/01/2021 Active
Pesic Bank Ltd T2021043 08/01/2021 Active

WARNING: Potential Scam Alert!

We would like to alert you that the Mwali government does not collaborate with any external entities or websites for payment processing or licensing under our government’s name. Regrettably, we have recently uncovered a deceitful website fraudulently claiming to be M.I.S.A, with a domain name ending in .com. It is of utmost importance to recognize that this website is completely fabricated and holds no association with M.I.S.A. Your safety and trust are our primary concern. Hence, we strongly advise you to exercise caution and be cognizant that the only legitimate and authorized website for M.I.S.A is

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