Status: Suspended

Companies in Suspended

Name of Entity License No. Date of Incorporation Status Swift Code Website Other
Moheli Corporate Services Ltd T19990001 06/01/1999 Suspended
Webpay International Inc. G20080021 12/11/2008 Suspended
Online Insurance LLc I20090012 10/02/2009 Suspended General Insurance
Blue Lagoon Resort Casino Ltd G20100027 04/03/2010 Suspended
InterBanx Insurance Ltd I20100030 12/08/2010 Suspended General Insurance
First Capital Insurance Ltd I20100034 12/08/2010 Suspended General Insurance
Global Care Insurance Program Ltd I20120056 22/01/2012 Suspended General Insurance
Omex Reinsurance Ltd I20120058 08/02/2012 Suspended Reinsurance licence
EXPAT Insurance Ltd I20120063 02/03/2012 Suspended General Insurance

WARNING: Potential Scam Alert!

We would like to alert you that the Mwali government does not collaborate with any external entities or websites for payment processing or licensing under our government’s name. Regrettably, we have recently uncovered a deceitful website fraudulently claiming to be M.I.S.A, with a domain name ending in .com. It is of utmost importance to recognize that this website is completely fabricated and holds no association with M.I.S.A. Your safety and trust are our primary concern. Hence, we strongly advise you to exercise caution and be cognizant that the only legitimate and authorized website for M.I.S.A is

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