Status: Active

Companies in Active

Name of Entity License No. Date of Incorporation Status Swift Code Website Other
Mwali Trustees Ltd T19990002 06/01/1999 Active
Global Insurance Ltd I20030001 23/01/2000 Active General Insurance
Intertrust Corporation T20000003 15/05/2000 Active
Victory Bank and Trust Inc. B20010003 24/08/2001 Active
Captive Insurance Agents Ltd I20030002 17/07/2003 Active Reinsurance Licence
ACC Assurance Ltd I20040003 04/03/2004 Active General Insurance
International Casino Inc. G20040003 11/06/2004 Active
Web betting Ltd G20040004 11/06/2004 Active
eMoney Bank Limited B20040013 21/12/2004 Active
Trust of America Inc. T20050005 21/06/2005 Active
eLotto GmbH G20060011 09/05/2006 Active
Virgin Trust Ltd T20060006 25/10/2006 Active
Golden Casino Holding G20060012 17/11/2006 Active
888Casino Ltd G20060013 18/11/2006 Active
GBH Private Insurance Ltd I20070007 06/02/2007 Active General Insurance
EuroSecurities Corp. I20070008 16/05/2007 Active General Insurance
GBH Private Bank Ltd B20070016 09/06/2007 Active
Insurance Brokers Inc. I20070009 21/09/2007 Active General Insurance
Direct Bank Ltd B20070017 31/12/2007 Active Website
BBC Bank and Trust Ltd B20080020 08/02/2008 Active
InsurCorp International Ltd I20080011 22/08/2008 Active General Insurance
Interbanking Insurance Services Corp. I20090013 20/05/2009 Active General Insurance
MGM Reinsurance Group Ltd I20090014 20/05/2009 Active Reinsurance licence
GBH Private Trust Ltd T20090013 30/06/2009 Active
GBH Private Trustees Ltd T20090014 30/06/2009 Active
Xanda Trust Company Ltd T20090015 21/10/2009 Active
Offshore Trust Management Ltd T20100016 03/03/2010 Active
Offshore Trust Secretaries Ltd T20100018 03/03/2010 Active
AGM Investment Bank International Ltd B20100047 12/03/2010 Active
Asset Protection Trustees SA T20100020 01/04/2010 Active
HJD Trust Ltd T20100022 01/04/2010 Active
Delta Corporate Secretary SA T20100025 01/04/2010 Active
DDF Equity Trust SA T20100026 01/04/2010 Active
Millenium Subscribers Trust SA T20100027 01/04/2010 Active
Islamic Trust Ltd T20100030 01/04/2010 Active
Manhattan Credit Bank International Ltd B20100053 02/04/2010 Active
Capital Trust International Corp T20100032 05/04/2010 Active
Samarian Trust Ltd T20100033 24/05/2010 Active
1st National Bank International Ltd B20100060 21/07/2010 Active
Mandarin Export Bank Ltd B20100062 21/07/2010 Active
Imperial Insurance Ltd I20100026 21/07/2010 Active General Insurance
Cash Reform Fidelity Trust Ltd T20100034 21/07/2010 Active
InterBanx Corp Ltd B20100064 03/08/2010 Active
FirstPacific Insurance International Ltd I20100031 12/08/2010 Active General Insurance
FSL Insurance Ltd I20100033 12/08/2010 Active General Insurance
American Insurance International Ltd I20100035 12/08/2010 Active General Insurance
21st Century Trust Ltd T20100036 12/08/2010 Active
Financiere Privee de Louis D. Edmont & Cie Ltd B20100072 27/08/2010 Active
FDH Insurance Ltd I20100036 27/08/2010 Active General Insurance
Jean de Montpellier Private Insurance Ltd I20100037 27/08/2010 Active General Insurance
Carimpex Insurance Ltd I20100041 08/11/2010 Active General Insurance
Delta West Credit Bank Ltd. B20110086 09/02/2011 Active Website
Gulf Bank Intercontinental Inc. B20110088 09/02/2011 Active
PanAmerican Medical Care SA I20110047 14/03/2011 Active General Insurance
Trust Company (One) Ltd T20110044 15/09/2011 Active
First Continental Loan & Credit Bank Ltd B20110096 05/10/2011 Active
West Finance & Saving Bank Ltd B20110098 05/10/2011 Active
Fidusco Insurance Ltd I20110050 20/10/2011 Active General Insurance
365 Betting Corp G20110039 15/12/2011 Active
Micro Insurance Services Ltd I20120052 18/01/2012 Active General Insurance
Lawrence Assurance Ltd I20120053 18/01/2012 Active General Insurance
Activa International Insurance Ltd I20120062 02/03/2012 Active General Insurance
Acord Fidelity Trust Ltd T20120050 16/03/2012 Active
Online Star Casino Group Ltd G20120041 20/03/2012 Active
Cortlin Bank Ltd B20120120 21/03/2012 Active
First Electronic Commerce T20120072 19/05/2012 Active
Credit Foncier De Monaco B20130017 25/03/2013 Active Website
Gold Bancorp LLC B20130270 13/05/2013 Active
AndmorAbanc of Comoros B20131202 02/12/2013 Active
Alliance Insurance Corporation Limited I20140071 20/01/2014 Active General Insurance
Societé Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privee B20210001 23/01/2014 Active Website
Caixa Geral International B20140205 05/02/2014 Active
Société Comorienne d’Assurances I20140072 17/06/2014 Active General Insurance
Societe internationale Des banques Suisse B20150303 04/07/2014 Active
Huiying Bank Inc B20140206 22/11/2014 Active
Préservatrice Foncière d’Assurances I20150074 26/05/2015 Active General Insurance
Сompagnie Bancaire du Golfe B20160013 03/03/2016 Active CMEFKMK1XXX Website
Alfa Insurance Ltd I20160077 01/09/2016 Active General Insurance
Dominion Bank and Trust Co. LTD B20160010 27/09/2016 Active DOTRKMK1XXX Website
Trust & Trust Inc. T2016017 01/11/2016 Active
Solidity Trust Ltd T2017019 18/04/2017 Active
Nouvelle Credit Commercial S.A. B2017002 22/04/2017 Active
Societe Generale International LTD B2017003 01/06/2017 Active
Dynast Premier Bank Inc, Fomboni Branch B2017004 05/06/2017 Active
True Support Ltd I20170083 18/07/2017 Active General Insurance
First Goldman Bank SA B2017017 25/09/2017 Active Website
Castagna Bank Limited B2017019 28/09/2017 Active CSTGKMK1XXX
Coriolis Banking Corporation B2017020 28/09/2017 Active CLORKMK1XXX
Pesic Bank Ltd B2017024 08/11/2017 Active PEIIKMK1XXX Website
East Ocean Bank Limited B2017027 01/12/2017 Active EAOCKMK1XXX Website
Credito Commerciale Svizzero Ltd B2017031 22/12/2017 Active
China Harbour Bank Limited B2018001 05/01/2018 Active
Alastar Bank Inc B2018002 08/01/2018 Active
FGH Ltd T2018034 01/05/2018 Active
HOROS Bank Limited B2018003 21/05/2018 Active EAOCKMK1XXX
Bliss Bank Limited B2018004 21/05/2018 Active LSISKMK1XXX Website
1st West Corporation Limited B2018005 31/07/2018 Active
TT Insurance Ltd I20180085 31/07/2018 Active General Insurance
RAY NEXT BANK Limited B2018006 14/08/2018 Active
Compagnie Bancaire Chino Helvétique SA B2018007 03/09/2018 Active
Trust Asset Corporation T2018036 04/09/2018 Active
Revollet International Limited T2018038 14/09/2018 Active
MW way Bank Limited B2018008 22/10/2018 Active
Forbes Private Bank Monaco SA B2018012 02/11/2018 Active FOPMKMK1XXX Website
ONE Insurance Ltd I20180095 05/11/2018 Active General Insurance
Gold Standard Ltd T2018041 23/11/2018 Active
First Standard Ltd B2019005 08/01/2019 Active
Credito Commerciale Svizzero Ltd B2019001 10/01/2019 Active
TrustMen Corp. T2019049 11/02/2019 Active
KILONOVA BANK Ltd B2019007 22/02/2019 Active KILOKMK2XXX
Reedll Limited G20190045 14/03/2019 Active
Bowie & Sons Corporation I20190098 01/05/2019 Active General Insurance
UNIH Digital Bank Ltd B2019014 08/05/2019 Active
NEURON Bank Ltd B2019015 08/05/2019 Active
UNIQUE Private Bank Ltd B2019017 27/05/2019 Active Website
Prominence Bank Corporation B2019018 05/06/2019 Active POOTKMK2XXX Website
Clarus Bank Ltd B2019023 28/06/2019 Active CLUUKMK2XXX Website
Aegis Trust Limited T2019054 09/07/2019 Active
MARKUS INTERNATIONAL BANK B2019026 26/08/2019 Active Website
TRI Bank Ltd B2019027 11/09/2019 Active TIITKMK2XXX Website
AXIA Financial Ltd B2019031 11/11/2019 Active
Digibancorp Ltd B2019032 18/11/2019 Active
MAYA BANK PLC B2019034 26/11/2019 Active Website
Wealth Bank Ltd B2020007 06/01/2020 Active Website
Finfortune International Limited T2020011 17/02/2020 Active
MINT GLOBAL BANK SA B2021057 05/03/2020 Active
Troia Bank Ltd B2020012 19/03/2020 Active
One Investment Trust Plc T2020019 27/03/2020 Active
ROCHESTER REINSURANCE PLC I/RI2020053 23/04/2020 Active General Insurance
EXL Private Bank Ltd B2020016 24/04/2020 Active Website
First Digital Bank Group LTD B2020021 08/05/2020 Active
GSB GOLD STANDARD BANK LTD B2020029 28/05/2020 Active
iSAVINGS BANK LTD B2020032 03/06/2020 Active Website
DFI Trust Bank Ltd B2020035 25/06/2020 Active
Online Prize Casino Inc. G20200101 01/07/2020 Active
SpectreCasino PLC G20200120 29/07/2020 Active
STANLEY BARREL BANK LIMITED B2020042 04/09/2020 Active
VEGA BANK Corp B2020044 04/09/2020 Active Website
Alexandria Bancorp Ltd B2020045 09/09/2020 Active
Victory casino Ltd G20200129 09/09/2020 Active
Future Trust Bank Ltd B2020047 29/09/2020 Active
Europe Chartered Bank Ltd B2020049 08/10/2020 Active Website
Defied Bank LTD B2020052 12/10/2020 Active
Esports LIMITED G20200135 12/10/2020 Active
Yield Bank LTD B2020055 26/10/2020 Active
United Axes LTD G20200139 10/11/2020 Active
United Axes LTD T2020023 10/11/2020 Active
Yield Asset Management Limited T2020029 27/11/2020 Active
Y System Co.,Ltd G20200144 23/12/2020 Active
WL Limited T2021035 08/01/2021 Active
Pesic Bank Ltd T2021043 08/01/2021 Active
GreyMoon PLC G20210147 08/02/2021 Active
Exodia Ltd G20210152 24/02/2021 Active
AC Bank Ltd B2021060 24/03/2021 Active
PRIME INSURANCE LTD I20210109 14/05/2021 Active General Insurance

WARNING: Potential Scam Alert!

We would like to alert you that the Mwali government does not collaborate with any external entities or websites for payment processing or licensing under our government’s name. Regrettably, we have recently uncovered a deceitful website fraudulently claiming to be M.I.S.A, with a domain name ending in .com. It is of utmost importance to recognize that this website is completely fabricated and holds no association with M.I.S.A. Your safety and trust are our primary concern. Hence, we strongly advise you to exercise caution and be cognizant that the only legitimate and authorized website for M.I.S.A is

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